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 Game Introduction

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Game Introduction Vide
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"Army of the Shenandoah " is an elaborate genre-mixture between historical role-playing game, military simulation and strategy game, utilizing an online text-based role-playing game design. The game revolves around the eventful period of the American.Civil*War (1861-1865). While staying true to this historic setting, our game doesn't follow the wars historic course, but instead uses an alternative time-line.

Since "Army of the Shenandoah " uses an alternative time-line the outcome of this bloody conflict is far from certain, with Secession only representing the game's starting point. Freed from the constricting corset of real life historic events our players are offered the unique chance to delve into this historic period and experience the chores of this time in person, with a divided nation in turmoil.

"Army of the Shenandoah " tries to generate an authentic historical environment. The game centers around the newly formed Confederacy fighting to secure its place in history as a new Nation. Joining the Confederate States Army player characters are faced with the same multitude of difficult decisions commissioned officers had to deal with back then. It's up to them to forge the fate of the Confederate States of America through their very own decisions and actions. Challenged to rise to the occasion, they might do better than their real life counterparts did, or maybe they do worse.

In "Army of the Shenandoah " all branches of service are open for players to chose from. Rising through the ranks the player's characters are destined to make friends and enemies and to face both victory and defeat on blood-soaked battlefields, to ultimately become great military commanders fighting in their very own version of the Civil War.

"Army of the Shenandoah " will concentrate upon a player’s ability to command his men.  He will be responsible for their training, commissary, ordnance and quartermaster needs as well as conducting their movements upon the battlefield.  The game will concentrate upon the history of a division in the newly formed Army of Northern Virginia.  New players will begin their military career by receiving the commission of colonel and the command of  a regiment in one of the brigades in the division.  By keeping the commands small a player will be more involved in the day to day activities of the army than he would be as a commander of a corps or the full army.  As in the Civil War you will have little influence on what happens to the right or left of your command although those events will have great bearing upon your actions on the battlefield.

Playing "Army of the Shenandoah " is and will always be free of any charge - to put it simply: It's a free Civil War RP game, period.


        Civil War based combat system

        Civil War based military tactics & strategy

        Civil War based branches of service

        Civil War based military hierarchy & chain of command

        Civil War based logistics & supply system

        Civil War based technology & uniforms

        Unique Incentive Bonus Point System


If this sparked your interest and if you like to join the world of "Army of the Shenandoah " follow the link to
the Sign up & Character Creation thread, where you will find the rules and guidelines for a successful sign up process.

We look forward to your participation!


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Game Introduction

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