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 Passage of time

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Passage of time Vide
PostSubject: Passage of time   Passage of time I_icon_minitime09.10.18 14:39

Good day Colonels,

One of the most difficult things to integrate into the game is the passage of time. It would be very tedious if we slowly plodded through each day in sequence. For this reason I have found that time passage as the game progresses will vary significantly. Here are a few examples. All of the troops at this point are in camp.

Volunteer troops would have arrived in Washington once the call went out for them to leave their temporary camps in their native states. They would have received some basic training by the time they reached Washington.

I can also assume that the Seventeenth U.S. had also received some basic training since their previous commander had left to receive a volunteer commission.

What I would suggest is that we post one more post containing the information concerning the first day of training. Once these posts have been made we can jump ahead three or four weeks. These next posts can begin for example by stating – “Over the previous few weeks the men had progressed…..”

Then once winter camps are constructed we should be able to jump through the winter and begin a Spring Campaign.

On the other hand time will move much slower during skirmishes and battles. Once your men’s orders have been received a status report will be posted upon the results of these orders. The post should not state any conclusions to those orders. For example if the right wing of the regiment is ordered to move in a matter that will flank the enemy troops the results of that movement such as “the men attacked the flank and forced the enemy to fall back in a disorganized manner.” Now that might be the result but it also could be that the enemy refused its left and met the attack forcing your force to retire. A second set of orders will be issued,,,,,and so on until the completion of the battle.

These are my thoughts. If you have any suggestions I would welcome them. Nothing is written in stone.

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Passage of time

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