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PostSubject: Read First!   Read First! I_icon_minitime17.04.15 15:04

BEWARE: If you don't like and don't enjoy ALL of  the following points...

    - following rules and regulations- reading RP postings- writing RP postings- being an active player- being a reliable player- being a dedicated player- being able to work with others to achieve a common goal- being able to write and read in English

...this game is NOT something for you!

"Army of the Shenandoah " is an online text based play-by-post game.


Our main goal is to bring this historic period back to life: it's society, it's political side, it's economic side as well as the types of warfare in use during this period.

In this game a Civil War Era world is being created, expanded and worked on daily by all of our members through their RP postings. It is a living-breathing world that's created, a place for our characters to to interact with one another. A world where they can live, follow their career path, prosper and eventually maybe even die.

RP in "Army of the Shenandoah " revolves around CHARACTER CREATION and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!

While there is combat  in the game, the game is NOT about moving X numbers of troops across some map - you should go elsewhere if you only want to do this. Being a commanding officer in the game is not about barking orders. Being a leader in the game is not about pushing people around.

An example of how RP is done within the game is posted HERE. Note that if you don't enjoy writing such postings and reading such postings this game is NOT for you.

Only and exclusively active and reliable players have any hope to gain access to any graphical and advanced features of the game - the decision of who that is, is made on a case by case basis by the administrator team and only after active members have proven their reliability. Access to those features can be revoked at any time if requirements aren't met, if directions from the moderators or administrators aren't followed to the letter or if access is abused in any way. So: No RP + No activity + No following rules = No access to any features.

If you are still thrilled about the idea to create a character and RP with him/her in a Civil War Era world please proceed HERE and follow the instructions. Pay special attention to the rules about name selection as this is where over 90% of people registering fail completely despite the simplicity of those rules.



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Read First!

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