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 Sign Up and Character Information

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Sign Up and Character Information Vide
PostSubject: Sign Up and Character Information   Sign Up and Character Information I_icon_minitime09.11.16 17:06

Sign up & Character Creation

As explained in the Game Information Thread "Army of the Shenandoah " is a forum based historic WarSim-RPG.

In order to play in "Army of the Shenandoah " , you will need to create a forum account using a valid username - following our "Rules for Character Name Selection". This forum account will represent your Player Character ("PC").

Every member of "Army of the Shenandoah " may only have a single character. Registering more than one character, logging into someone else's account, or giving your character to someone else in order to create a new one is PROHIBITED. Anyone found breaking these rules will immediately get permanently banned from the game. Note that depending on the type of violation, you may even be eligible for real life judicial prosecution and face real life criminal charges - especially if you are hacking into other peoples accounts, try to hack the game or forum in any way, use our boards for any form of criminal activities or threaten other players OOCly (in all of those cases the ones responsible for such violations will face the long arm of both international and EU laws and be assured that we will take all the necessary measures to see that justice is served).

Should you be sharing your computer or Internet connection with other persons that are also "Army of the Shenandoah " members, you should inform the Admin via PM to prevent any problems (please do include all of those Player Character names and the email addresses of all relevant players). We check regularly if there are multi accounts - players who are found out will face punishment under the sole discretion of the administration and the assigned moderators. Be warned that it may not be disputed in any way as this is a condition of being unbanned.

To create your very own character you need to move through the following steps (and keep in mind that the game is firmly rooted in the middle of the 19th Century world) and be advised to take your time with this, since selecting a good character name is possible one of the most important decisions:

  1. Read the "Rules for Character Name Selection". Please do check those rules thoroughly , so you are able to select a valid account name and thus prevent any unnecessary delays in the registration procedure. Always keep in mind that the forum account name will also function as your characters name.
  2. Decide if you want to RP an officer or a soldier
  3. Decide which ethnic group you want your character to belong to (e.g. Caucasian, African-American, Native-American...)
  4. Decide where your characters origins are (Fresh immigrant, or long time dweller that already has deep roots).
  5. Think about if he lives in the North, in the Border States or in the South.
  6. Think about your character's possible pre Civil War career.
  7. Select your characters name accordingly and in compliance with the rules you can find in the thread under the heading "Rules for Character Name Selection".
  8. Once you have made up your mind you will need to click on "Register" in the top menu to create a forum account with the name you have chosen for your character.
  9. Be sure to provide a VALID e-mail address during the registration process or else your account will not be activated, since our staff always will contact you via e-mail prior to any activation.
  10. Wait until you receive an e-mail by our staff (make sure to check the spam folder in case your spam filter put the message there by accident). Please do reply to this e-mail as soon as possible to prove to us that the account in question was indeed created by a human interested to play the game.
  11. If you have replied to the activation e-mail you've only to wait until your account has been fully activated.

Please be patient, since the manual activation of your account might take some time, depending on how busy our staff is - just make sure you reply to the activation e-mail so we are able to process things faster..

    Should the activation take longer than 3 days it might as well be that you have violated some of the name selection rules (visit: "Rules for Character Name Selection") in one way or the other and have not replied to the e-mail send to you by our staff. In that case please do check the e-mail address you have provided upon registration, since it is very likely that you have been contacted about this by our staff with further instructions. Be advised that if you do not answer to that e-mail within two weeks the pending account will be deleted without further notice and you'll have to try again.

In any case we look forward to your participation in "Army of the Shenandoah ".


Good luck with the creation of your character!


Please note the following rules before joining, as they revolve about some very important points (thus they are enacted vigorously):

    1. Role-playing activities are now considered a key requirement for having an account and being a member of the game
    2. Inactive accounts of notoriously inactive players, that can't be bothered to join any RP activities, will be removed
    3. All new members will be put on a "probation period" to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff early on
    4. If someone shows no interest and doesn't join any RP activities one warning shall be given, in case nothing changes the account will be removed without any further notice
    5. Whenever possible the LOA/RAL thread must be used to inform everyone of busy RL schedules (so f.e. actions can be taken to cover for any IC work waiting to be done and/or the need for moderators to take over one of the participants characters to keep the scenario running)


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Sign Up and Character Information

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