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 [Biography] George Smith

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George Smith
George Smith
US Army

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[Biography] George Smith Vide
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Smith family history

The smith family has a long history in the United States, starting with Edward Smith who emigrated from England in 1740 from Essex county when he was 10 years old. His first and only son was Robert Smith, born in 1749 in williamsburg virginia to parents Edward Smith. And Elizabeth Smith(Collier). Elizabeth’s family were farmers much like the smiths, except that the Collier’s have been in Virginia since 1674. Robert smith was born in 1752 to Edward Smith, and Clara Custis. Robert was a farmer just like his father, but when indian attacks forced him he was a part of the local militia he proved to be a natural leader and a tough man. When war broke out in 1776 He joined the regular army and was given a commission of lieutenant in 1778. After gallant service against the British in the American revolution he gained the rank of major. He served in George Washington's army from the battle of long island, to the end of the war at the siege of Yorktown. After the war he acquired some slaves to work the farm which grew to include tobacco. He lived a fairly stable life after the war until a fire burned the large estate down in 1805. He re built the home into a Mansion, going into debt to do so. Robert was hoping that the farm can produce enough to pay the debt in a few years time, but drought played the family for 4 years. The drought dug Robert into more debt to pay for his wife and children who were 4 boys born on May 22nd 1817.

Early childhood and education

George Smith was born alongside, Michael, Zachary, and Matthew Smith in Williamsburg, Virginia on May 22nd 1817. Michael was born sickly and a paraplegic and died at the age of 7. Raised in Virginia the family moved to Fredericksburg, Va. When george was 5 after his father passed away in 1822 due to disease, and the family was left with little money after having to pay Robert's debts. George then took up school and taking care of the family. He became good at history and english while slacking in mathematics. He went to a school for young gentlemen in eastern view in Fairfax county. He listed to other boys his age talk about negros in such a low and vile manner that He decided then that slavery was a unnecessary evil. He sometimes saw how the plantation owners treated their slaves and even hung them. He became a tutor at 14 to make money for his sick mother.His brother Zachary obtained a commission in the navy in 1833 as a ensign.George and Matthew have always liked Zachary’s letters and they wrote often. At this point in life George knew he wanted to have a military career, but was split on whether to join the army or navy, when he saw a ship caught out in a storm when he was 17, he s decided that he liked to keep his feet on the ground and decided that he wanted to be a officer like his father.He tried to secure a spot at weeping through his maternal grandfather, William Collier. William was in the gentry of the state and as of 1828 in the Virginia Senate. His request went through and he was on his way to the United States military academy at West point in 1835

West point

Joining the class of 1839 at west point, he was quiet and shy, he befriended a fellow student named Louis Gates from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. They met during math torturing, both being students who struggled in math. They bonded over their love for the country and their patriotism, and thier love for military history. During Georges summer preparation to be ready for his second year he received terrible news from the mexican province of Texas. Matthew Smith was killed on March 6th 1836 while participating in the Texan revolution. George was filled with a burning anger to kill any Mexican soldier that he almost dropped out of west point, had it not been a letter from his mother urging him to stay he might have joined the revolution. Louis also helped him in his time of grief, solidifying their friendship to a brother hood destined to last a lifetime. George stayed in the middle in his academics and his discipline. He graduated 26 out of 33 in 1839 and was stationed in fort Stansbury, Florida with the infantry to fight in the second Seminole war. While his friend Louis was stationed at fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Florida service (1839-1840)

George arrived to company I 6th infantry in Fort Andrews on August 23rd. A engagement happened on August 28th which resulted in the death of a sergeant and a private. The regiment was then posted to multiple barracks across the country. The last post before the Mexican American war was at Fort Washita, Indian territory.

War with mexico(1846-1848)

The start of the Mexican American war saw George moved to company A, 6th infantry. George was halt to learn that Louis was coming along too! They arrived at the city of Puebla, Mexico on July 1847. They marched out on August 6th to fight in the battle of Churubusco in which lieutenant Smith lost his temper, remembering what happened to Matthew at the alamo, and proceeded to kill two prisoners following the battle.George displayed gallantry by rallying his company before a root could happen.he then led them in a charge against the Mexican lines, capturing 2 cannon and 14 enlisted and one officer. Louis was on the other side of the regiment helping to rally them. Both Officers got beret commissions to 1st lieutenants. They moved on to Chapultepec, the fort before Mexico city on september 5th. The assault starters on the12th with the 6th infantry up front again. Through the gunfire and smoke George saw the colors go down during the assault! He ran to them and picked them up to less the 6th up the walls! They stormed the walls with the other regiments, including marines! They captured the fort and planned the American flag. Mexico city fell 2 days later. For his actions at Chapultepec George was brevreted captain. With the signing of the treaty of guadalupe hidalgo on february 2nd 1847. With the war over and With George having been tested in battle and feeling that he had avenged the death of his brother he was assigned to the 2nd U.S. cavalry regiment.

Between the wars (1848-1860)

With the war over saw George with F company under major Ripley Arnold, the unit was sent to build a fort on the trinity river in february 1849, in North Texas. The enduring fort became Fort Worth, there was a settlement that grew there to later become a city. In 1853 George meet a girl from Rochester, Minnesota named Rayna lea Mcastlen. They married on December the 11th of 1854. The following years became monotonous with patrols for indians and raids against them. George had plenty of time to think about his actions in Mexico. He grew to regret killing the two prisoners and to help cope he wrote brevet captain Louis Gates, who was stationed in California.George also turned his attention to God for meditation and forgiveness.while serving in the small garrison, he learned that men need motivation and a good leader to provide it. On more than one occasion he would approve men's leave and then pay for their transportation for home and back. He would also check on sick soldiers. He was beginning to be known as “father Smith” (though not to his face) for his kindness to his soldiers. Captain Smith was also known for his sticking to military law. When a soldier was caught stealing a horse captain Smith has him tried by courts martial and hung in a week. He was known for his fairness, and also for his non stop drilling. In November of 1859, George first heard the news of John Brown's raid on Harpers ferry Virginia. At first he thought that it was a horrible criminal act, the northern press convinced him that Brown was a martyr.George became distrusted by the southern officers for his support of Brown, while he was distanced by the northern officers for his birthplace being Virginia. When the results of the election of 1860 came around three was talk of secession.the first state to leave was South Carolina in December 1860. That's when it hit home that George had to choose between his state orhis nation. George's wife, a staunch abolitionist, helped convince captain Smith that joining the war on the south's side was morally and religiously wrong. Captain Smith left for Washington in February 1861 when texas seceded. With a righteous passion, he went to join the union cause.

the civil war

Captain Smith found Washington in a uproar in March 6th 1861.He reported to the war department where he was almost arrested as a spot, seeing how he had a southern accent. It was until the miraculous arrival of newly promoted colonel Louis Gates that he avoided arrest.Gates helped pay for captain smiths hotel and promised to help with getting him a position in the new army. Captain Smith was surprised at noon the next day to be summoned to the war department and offered a regiment to command as a lieutenant colonel. It seems that colonel gates had vouched for Citroen Smith. Captain Smith accepted and thus his journey in the civil war.

Timeline Military Career Ranks held:
[*][Biography] George Smith Tinyca10 Cadet (August, 1835)
[*][Biography] George Smith 2lttin10 2nd Lieutenant (June, 1839)
[*][Biography] George Smith 1lttin10 1st Lieutenant (September, 1848) [*][Biography] George Smith Captti10 Captain (November, 1848) [*][Biography] George Smith Majtin10 Major (Month, Year) [*][Biography] George Smith Ltcolt10 Lieutenant Colonel (March, 1861)

Short Biography

Name George Smith
Nickname Father Smith
Date of Birth May,22nd,1817
AGE 43
Place of Birth Williamsburg,Virginia
Mother Elizabeth Smith (Collier)
Father Robert Smith
Spouse Rayna Lea Mcastlen
  • Matthew
  • Zachary
  • Michael
  • NAME
  • Allegiance USA / PRO NORTH
    Prior Service US Army
    Years of Service 21 (US Army)
    Current Rank Lt. Colonel
    Former Ranks
  • 2nd Lieutenant
  • 1st Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • War Service
  • Mexican American war
  • Indian war
  • Battles of
  • churubusco
  • Chapaultepec

  • Mexico city
  • Current Location Washington D.C.
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    [Biography] George Smith

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