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 Army of the Potomac - Training Camp

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PostSubject: Army of the Potomac - Training Camp   21.11.18 19:13


This thread has been set up for role playing purposes and to function as the official workplace of the acting regimental commanders. This is the place to post all training lessons, personal posts and correspondence to the commanding officer of your brigade. While it is unmoderated it should still follow our RP rules and so each posting should come with:
..-....a Heading giving information like Location and Time/Date, followed by
..-....the RP Posting and closing with
..-....a List of Actions taken (this is important as it helps players when looking for references).

 Regimental Commanding Officer's Tent
Volunteer Regiment

Army of the Potomac

The typical regulation officer's tent in use by the Union Army, containing a bed, a little folding table, a stool, a makeshift davenport to store official papers in and a trunk to hold the personal belongings of the company commander.
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Otis E. Ballard
Otis E. Ballard

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PostSubject: Re: Army of the Potomac - Training Camp   23.11.18 12:24

As the commanding officer of the Camp of Instruction each commander is expected to follow the rules and regulations according to the Army Manual outlined in the introduction.  The training grounds will be a place where each commander can illustrate his ability to command men and communicate with headquarters.  As soon as each commander efficiently achieves a satisfactory level he will be transferred to the Regular Army.
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Army of the Potomac - Training Camp

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